Friday, 29 August 2014

Tall Daughter reviews Coca-Cola Life and Tanya Burr nails.

 Coca-cola Life review

Coca-cola Life review
You may have seen the new green Coca-Cola Life cans in the supermarket recently. They're certainly eye-catching, and walking past the display in a supermarket yesterday I overheard a group of girls wondering what it tasted like.

We got the chance to find out when we were sent a sample to test, along with a can of Classic Coke, Diet and Coke Zero. Fizzy drinks are only ever a weekend treat in our house, so this was a bonus for the girls.

As it turned out, it was (14 year old) Tall Daughter and her friend who did the tasting, which - to make it a fair test - I thought they should do blind.

I put the four different Cokes in anonymous cups (they didn't see the cans, and the classic coke can mysteriously 'disappeared' from the fridge so I bought a bottle for the tasting) and asked both girls to taste them, put them in order of preference and to also guess which was which.

Coca-cola Life review

The results were interesting: both girls preferred cup A (Diet Coke) but thought it was Classic Coke. They also both put cup D (Coke Zero) in 4th place.

The Coke Life came out of it well, both girls said they would drink it, but knew it wasn't their normal 'Coke' choice. I suppose part of it is getting used to a new taste.

I'm pleased Coca-Cola have introduced a drink with less sugar. The new Life is sweetened by stevia, a leaf extract, and has a third less sugar and 89 calories a can. While it still couldn't be described as a healthy option, as a weekend treat for the girls it's a move in the right direction.

Tanya Burr nails review

Tall Daughter is a massive Youtuber fan, so when I asked her if she'd like to review some of the Tanya Burr nail polishes she nearly burst my ear-drums by shrieking "YES!"

I'll be honest, I had no idea who she was so I'll hand over to TD to tell you more.

"Tanya Burr is HUGE on Youtube where she's a beauty and lifestyle guru, and I love her blog too. She makes videos about her favourite beauty brands, e.g. nail polishes and make-up.  She also makes fun videos with her fiance Jim Chapman and her friend Zoella (The mega-star blogger and Youtuber, Zoe Sugg).

Tanya also does meet and greets for fans, but I haven't met her. Yet!

I like wearing nail colours when I'm not in school and the Tanya Burr polishes are all great quality and the packaging is really pretty. They don't take long to dry, and cover well - I have used them with just one coat - and lots of my friends complimented me on my nails and asked about the colours.

There are ten colours in the range and I'd already bought one of the colours before we were sent another four to review, mine is the blue one called Little Duck. The lids were a bit fiddly to get off sometimes, but apart from that I really liked them."

Tanya Burr nails review

So there you have it, two reviews carried out by Tall Daughter with a little help from her friend.