Saturday, 27 September 2014

Winter flowering plants: pansies and violas

Plant Me Now winter pansies

Is there a happier looking plant than a pansy?

Pansies and violas are so appealing, with their happy little faces. I decided to plant up some new pots for outside the front door, and used pansies, violas, cyclamen and a small evergreen to add a bit of height and contrast.

I bought two ceramic blue pots from Homebase, and selected wintering pansies and violas from Plant Me Now. As always the service was excellent, the only minor hitch (if you can call it that) was that they sent a lot more plants than I ordered! Nice problem to have I know, but this is just a small selection of what they sent me. There were about another 6 packs in the delivery box!

The plants looked very healthy when they arrived, and you can see how well protected they are in the packaging. The violas are the smaller plug plants, and the pansies were in pots. After a good watering they were ready to be potted up. I had enough to do these pots, two more pots for the back garden and the remainders were planted in the borders.

winter pansies and violas

They're all beautiful, but the Matrix Pansy True Blue (bottom left photo) is a stunning colour. It looks more of a purple in the photo, but it's a beautiful blue in real life.  The Pansy Matrix Sunrise is also a stunner - such a lovely colour combination of pink and yellow.
winter pansies and violas

The plants have burst into colour over the past week and should flower right through until the Spring. Winter is usually a quiet time for garden colour, and these winter plants help to make the front of the house a bit more welcoming. They never fail to raise a smile from me anyway.