Friday, 17 October 2014

Celebrating Apple Day

I love autumn. Not only is it time to break out the hot chocolate and woolen scarves, but it's also the time when Apple Day is celebrated. I think it's something that's only celebrated in the UK, but I could be wrong.

Last weekend I persuaded Tall Daughter to join me at our local Apple Day.  I say persuaded because these family days out are getting increasingly rare as they spend  more of their time with friends, boyfriends (eek!) and following their own interests. How very dare they!

But I was pleased she came because it's my favourite local event and we've been visiting since both girls were tiny. 

As usual there was lots to do and see, and it was a beautiful autumnal sunny day. There was food produce on sale, craft stalls, food stalls, games, activities and of course, apples. Plenty of apples, including dozens of different varieties.  My favourite variety McIntosh Red wasn't there, but it's 'relative' Lobo was so I had a taste. McIntosh Red is a very fragrant apple, crisp and juicy, just as all apples should be.  I used to be able to buy it at our local outdoor market, but alas the market is no more.

Is there an apple day event where you live? What are your favourite local events?