Friday, 3 October 2014

The weekend's here

Autumn walk with Tess

It's the weekend again. Those weeks roll by don't they? I'm enjoying the beautiful Indian summer and getting in plenty of walks with Tessie. The Teenager off to visit her boyfriend at Leeds Uni this weekend (he's only been gone 2 weeks and she's visited both weekends); Tall Daughter has made plans to see her school friends, and I'm going to see Gone Girl at the cinema. I read the book - like everyone else - and the trailer looks good. Can't wait.

This week my blog had an update, courtesy of the very lovely Liz at Violet Posy. I love it! She's all sorts of ace.

How about a bit of weekend reading?

Movie stars revisit their famous roles. Love the Silence of the Lambs photo.

Just bought this series of stories for a friend's daughter. Perfect bedtime stories.

We left the cinema before the end of this film. Terrible.

A brother and sister get married. May cause eye leakage.

I'm in love with this seaside cottage.

17 amazing projects using book pages.

Jumpy the dog knows lot of tricks.

Old fashioned baby names due for a revival. I wonder if mine will ever make a comeback.

A call to all the good enough parents.

Marv the dog makes his entrance as a dinosaur. Bet you watch it more than once.

A love story in 22 photos. Beautiful.

What have you got planned for the weekend? Whatever you're doing, have a good one x