Thursday, 4 December 2014

Review: Harrods Traditional Christmas Hamper

Not long to go now before the big day, and most of us are still in a Christmas shopping frenzy.  Are you an early-bird shopper or do you leave it all until the last possible minute?

We were lucky enough to be sent a Harrods Christmas hamper to review.  Not only were we delighted to receive it, but I think our postman now sees us in a different light.  When he knocked to deliver the box with the iconic Harrods name on the side he gave me a knowing wink and said "Nice, from someone special is it?"

And I suppose that's what a Harrods hamper is all about isn't it? Something special to someone special, and perfect for those people you might not see over Christmas but want to send them something a bit out of the ordinary.

We chose the Christmas Carol hamper from their Traditional Christmas Hampers range, and it arrived beautifully packaged as you might expect.

Opening and decanting the box was a lot of fun in itself, and we all earmarked the different items for ourselves.  I'm looking forward to the Christmas Pudding biscuits with a cup of the After Dinner Christmas Coffee which came in a gorgeous, reusable gold tin.   Even the beautiful red box is the subject of some debate with both daughters already 'discussing' who will get to keep it (but I suspect it will be used for storing Christmas decorations!)

We usually have a very quiet Christmas day, but this year we have my sister and her partner coming over for dinner, and I know these items will go down a storm later on in the evening, after dinner, when everyone is still too full to eat another meal but just fancy a nibble.

Although between you and me, I'm not sure they'll last that long...

Disclosure: we received the hamper for review purposes.  All words and photos are my own.