Monday, 5 January 2015

Decluttering my mind

Happy New Year to you, I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas break and you're ready to start the year with renewed vigour.

I'm all about making resolutions for the new year, and this year I'm making a commitment to declutter.  Not very exciting, I know, but something that's been on my mind for months.

It sounds deceptively simple, decluttering, and I've manage to convince myself that I'm pretty good at it. I tell myself that I'm not a hoarder and quite ruthless when it comes to getting rid of non-essentials. And it's true, I'm very good at taking occasional bags of unwanted items to the charity shop or local tip, but if I'm being honest I'm only scraping the surface. I need to ramp up my efforts by about 90% if it's going to have any long-term impact.

I'm starting with the study.  When we moved here 3 years ago I was excited to get a study and I wanted it to look right. I had visions of sitting at the desk amidst my books, photos and carefully selected items, tapping away at the keyboard and being inspired to work in such a great little room.

As it is, I have to step over shoes, bags and other detritus to get to the desk, then sit on an office chair with a wonky wheel before swiping the mountain of paperwork to one side so I can reach the keyboard. Not exactly what I had in mind.

It's also the first room anyone sees when the come to the house and where we hang coats and store shoes, but at the moment this is the sight visitors are greeted with.

I try to keep the door closed as much as possible, as it's cluttered with paperwork (paperwork is definitely my bĂȘte noire), books, unwanted DVDs, shoes that are no longer worn, old coats buried beneath newer coats, more paperwork.  Quite simply, it's an embarrassment. 

An it's not just the study, our whole house is cluttered.  This house is bigger than our old house and we have expanded to fill it.  Certain areas look very tidy and clear - especially areas shared with my extremely tidy brother - but look a bit closer and those storage cupboards are full to bursting with.....stuff.  

Of course, with the clutter comes confusion and chaos.  I feel disorganised, we can never find those important school letters or official forms, and we regularly have to sort through piles of stuff to find something that we know 'is in there somewhere'. As a result, my head feels cluttered, and knowing how much needs to be done fills me with dread.  

I mean, look at my desk. 

I'm not proud, and bearing in mind I've been working for a company with a 'tidy desk policy' for over a year, you'd think I'd have it sussed.  At work, my desk (and office) has been an oasis of calm organisation, yet I can't manage the same at home.  I wonder if it's okay to blame my daughters? No? Okay then...

So, my one and only resolution for the year is to declutter: my desk, the study, the rest of the house, and most of all, my head.  

Have you made any resolutions? Is anyone else decluttering this year?