Monday, 26 January 2015

Easy breakfast smoothie recipes

I don't know about you but I find January a really difficult month. It's the darkest, longest, coldest month of the year and a bit of an anti-climax after Christmas.  It's also a good time for making new year resolutions, and one of those for us has been to eat more healthily. After over-indulging in December we started the year feeling bloated, sluggish and generally meh.

So, one of the best things I've bought recently is our smoothie maker.  It's one of those where you make the smoothie in the plastic cup that you drink it from, so cuts down on the washing up which is always a good thing, and it means we can knock up a breakfast smoothie in a matter of minutes.

It's an easy way to get a couple of portions of our essential 5-a-day, and we use a variety of fruits and vegetables. Buying lots of fruit can be costly, but we've found that by keeping frozen or freeze dried fruits in the freezer (read more information here) we have a steady supply of berries which can be expensive if bought separately, and it makes the drinks nice and cold without using ice.

We didn't follow any recipes at first, and basically just chucked in a load of different fruits so it's been a bit of trial and error, but here's our favourites so far.

Berry smoothie
1 banana
cup of Frozen or freeze dried berries
half a cup of low-fat natural yoghurt
cup of skimmed milk
a squeeze of honey

We use a small cup to measure, although you can just adjust the ingredients according to taste. Break banana into pieces, put everything in and blend until smooth. It couldn't be easier.

Raspberry and pomegranate smoothie
100g raspberries
1 banana
125g low-fat natural yoghurt
300ml pomegranate juice

Put everything into the smoothie maker/blender and blitz until smooth. Drink, enjoy and feel virtuous!

You can find plenty of other recipes here.

After just a few weeks of drinking smoothies every morning we're already feeling the benefits - more energy, clearer skin and just feeling generally better.

Have you made any resolutions to be healthier? How are you getting on?