Friday, 16 January 2015

Weekend wafflings

Wow, it's the weekend again. They come around very quickly when you're not working don't they? I'm 'between jobs' as they say.  I'm due to start a new job soon, but in the meantime I keep forgetting what day it is, and the To Do List I wrote only has a few things crossed off. Must try harder.

I'm going to spending this weekend watching films - I treated myself to an 'unlimited cinema' ticket, and have been to see Taken 3 and Birdman so far (reviews to follow).  I love going to the cinema and I've got a list of films I want to see: Wild, American Sniper, Selma, The Theory of Everything - there are loads of new films out at the moment (well it is Oscar season after all) so I'm going to get my money's worth.  This might also explain the state of my To Do List.

The photo at the top was taken by my brother who's in the merchant navy.  He used to work as a pro-photographer and he takes some amazing photos on his travels.

What do you  have planned for the weekend? Hope it's a good one, if you need a bit of weekend reading here's a few articles I found interesting this week.

Some of these are incredible. 22 photos of parents and their children at the same age.

An educational song with dancing genitals. Gotta love the Swedes.

Heard about the dog that takes the bus to the park?

This puppy is very ticklish. And cute.

Fifty years of David Bowie's style in one gif. Love this.