Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Run free, sweet girl

Tess (Russanda Lark) 2004 -2015

Yesterday we said our final goodbyes to our beautiful greyhound Tess.

We adopted her in 2009 not long after she had been retired from her successful racing career (racing name: Russanda Lark) and from day one she was pretty much the perfect dog for us: loyal, calm, house-trained and just a lovely, gentle soul.

She quickly became one of the family, and we loved her.

She loved her comfy bed, and her cuddly monkey, and tummy rubs and bacon snozzles, and she was thoroughly and completely spoiled.  We had over 5 happy years with her before she started showing signs of old age at the end of last year, and her health grew steadily worse over the last few weeks. After spending several days in the care of the vet, she came home last night for what I thought would be her final 24 hours with us.

Sadly, in the early hours it was obvious that she couldn't continue and we returned to the vet who helped her on her final journey.

She was such a sweet, gentle soul, and we'll miss her so much.

Run free, sweet Tessie, all is well x

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