Sunday, 28 June 2015

Over 50s' travel: seeing the world in style

Today's featured post is all about thinking slightly outside the box when it comes to travelling. I'd be more than happy to visit any of these fabulous locations, but I think the trip to the Caribbean has my name all over it...
Your days of hitchhiking, buying one-way tickets and roughing it in hostels may be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop exploring the world. One great way to rekindle your sense of adventure and wanderlust is to make the most of over 50s travel packages. Think companies like Saga Travel who offer some fabulous tours. There are a host of different itineraries to choose from, and while you're seeing new sights and enjoying different activities, you’ll get to meet plenty of like minded people. To give you inspiration for your next trip, here’s a selection of great holiday ideas.
Soak up some culture right here in the UK
Long-haul travel may be easier than ever, but some of the best experiences can still be found right here in the UK. For example, if you love classical music, why not book a trip in Britain to see a brace of top-class concerts? It’s possible to book packages in places like Bournemouth that include a number of performances, talks and music-related excursions. These trips don’t have to cost you much, and they offer the perfect opportunity to indulge in your hobby.
Explore ancient sights in Egypt
Saga holidays in Egypt
If you fancy something further afield and have a passion for history, perhaps a holiday to Egypt is the one for you. One of the best ways to see this country is by booking a cruise along the Nile. As this vast waterway winds its way through the North African nation, it will take you past an array of fascinating temples, pyramids and cities including many UNESCOWorld Heriatge Sites. You’ll get to see iconic attractions like the Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza. A popular route runs between Aswan and Luxor.
Relax in style in the Caribbean
For pure relaxation, it’s hard to beat the Caribbean. As well as great weather and beautiful beaches, these sun-soaked islands boast bags of character and charm. For example, in St Lucia you can tuck into creole cuisine in restaurants like Marjorie’s while enjoying the sounds of rhythmic local music, while in Antigua you can get a feel for the region’s history at the colonial fortifications of Shirley Heights.
Release your inner explorer in Borneo’s rain forests
Saga holidays
If you’re keen to release your inner explorer, a trip to the rain forests of Borneo could be perfect. This Southeast Asian island boasts spectacular scenery and intriguing wildlife. While there, you can take tours of the Mount Kinabalu foothills, enjoy river cruises and visit the orang-utans of Sepilok. Other attractions include the Labuk Bay Monkey Sanctuary, Sun Bear Conservation Centre, Gomantong Caves and Kinabalu National Park. The incredible diversity of the flora and fauna on show across this island gives it a truly unique look and feel.
Of course, these are just some of the over 50s holiday options now available. With a little research, you shouldn’t struggle to identify the perfect package for you. Whether you want a quick break in the UK or you’d like to expand your horizons with a trip overseas, there are countless itineraries to choose from. Pick something that captures your imagination!
Images from the Saga website.