Sunday, 7 June 2015

Reasons to be cheerful in June

It's a good exercise to reflect on the week's good points, which are usually the simplest of pleasures, and record them. So I thought it was about time I joined in with the Reasons to be Cheerful linky which I've seen on Becky's blog many times, although this is the first time I've joined in, but hopefully not the last.  

1. Peonies


Every year when the peonies bloom I'm always amazed by their beauty. The colour is a deep, deep red which doesn't seem to translate well in photos. They look more pinky red in this photo, but in reality they are much richer and darker.  The peony bush is behind a rather large euonymus plant, so I like to bring in a few blooms to enjoy in the house.

2. Nature reserve

I'd been looking for somewhere safe to do recall training with our new greyhound, Alice, when I bumped into two other greyhound owners who recommended a local nature reserve which has a dedicated dog field, completely fenced in, and so perfect for Alice to run off-lead and perfect for the training.

Moore nature reserve

It's only a ten minute drive from our house, but I had never heard of the nature reserve before, so it was like finding a hidden gem.   It has over 200 acres of woodland, lakes, nature walks and meadows and is absolutely beautiful. I can't believe I've only just discovered it, but I suppose better late than never, and I know we'll be regular visitors from now on.

3. Party

Last night I went to a party. That might not seem like much to many people, but for me it was a pretty big deal.  I don't really have a social life, and much of that is down to me, but recently I've been thinking about going out a bit more.  So last night was the first time in a long time that I didn't turn down an invitation. I actually enjoyed getting ready, putting a bit of make-up on, and choosing something to wear. (Note to self: you'll need to buy more 'going out clothes' if this is to continue).  I had a bit of a nervous wobble just before setting off, but I didn't do what I normally do and find an excuse not to go. I went to the party, I enjoyed it, and apart from a bit of a foggy head this morning, I survived in one piece. Go me.

What's made you happy this week?