Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Walled Garden at Norton Priory

Norton Priory Walled Garden is one of my favourite places to go when things are a bit hectic, and my head is full of busy thoughts that won't go away.

Entrance to the garden is through what used to be the head gardener's cottage, and immediately you have to choose your path: either a walk along the perennials borders bursting with colour towards a covered terrace, or along the path towards the wilder grassed orchard with the national collection of quince trees. Either way, all paths lead to the central Rose Walk, a long path cutting across the garden and filled with the most beautiful varieties of old roses.  June is the best month for their stunning display, although this year I probably missed their peak by about a week, but I still enjoyed their fading beauty and incredible fragrance.

It's the tranquillity of the Walled Garden that I love, along with the sensory satisfaction of gravel paths crunching underfoot, the fragrance of the roses, and the buzzing of bees, and there are plenty of quiet spaces to sit and think.  Turn a neatly hedged corner and you're likely to find one of the many pieces of sculpture that are dotted around the garden.

I never tire of visiting despite countless visits over the years. It's definitely my happy place.

It's been a long time, but I'm joining in with Annie's 'How does your garden grow?' linky this week, click on the badge below to go to there. If you haven't visited before, do take a look - there are more gorgeous gardens than you can shake a stick at.