Saturday, 22 August 2015

Reasons to be cheerful in August

It's been a good month so far, even though the weather has been a bit rubbish for what is supposed to be the peak of summer.  There's still a few days left so I'm hoping August will pull a few sunny days out of the hat before we say hello to September, fingers crossed anyway.

Anyway, here are my 3 reasons to be cheerful this month.

1.  Bargains

Who doesn't love a bargain? A new 'second-hand and collectables' shop opened near us recently and I went to have a look around and nabbed these.

The Ladybird books were a fantastic find - I have a little collection already, and a couple of them are duplicates of books I already have, but some of them are worth £5+, some a little more, so for 50p each I couldn't leave them in the shop.

Vintage Ladybird books

The blue and white pottery is Staffordshire Chefware rather than Cornishware, but for £2 a piece they had to come home with me.  The tiny green jug is Sylvac, which I know very little about but again was too cute to leave behind.

2. Uni prep

The Teenager is off to uni next month, and between now and then we have a ton of things to organise and buy. There is already a To-Do List as long as your arm, and my bank account has taken a severe bashing this week as she just couldn't wait to go out and buy most of the items on her 'Things I need for Uni' list, including those student essentials, a pizza cutter and bottle opener.  

Essential items for uni

Unfortunately, The Teenager has champagne tastes on a lemonade budget so most of the shopping has involved her choosing an expensive version of each item, and me popping a equally suitable but much cheaper version in the trolley. 

Her: "The problem with you mum is that you have no taste."  

Me: "And the problem with you, dear daughter, is that you have no money."

We visited three shops - Ikea, Asda and Wilkos - and managed to find everything on the list apart from a hot water bottle (she's going to Sheffield, it's going to be cold!) and a large sieve (suitable for rice and pasta). Our quest continues. 

3.  Week off

I've taken next week off work, which is just as well as I have plenty of things to do, including a couple of blogging projects. 

The Teenager is off to visit her boyfriend in Leeds for a few days, so I want to try and spend a couple of days with Tall Daughter, just the two of us, including a day trip somewhere.  I'll let her decide where we go.

Also, a friend is coming to visit from America. She's on a business trip to the UK and is popping over to see us for a couple of days. The last time she visited her only request was to visit Crosby Beach to see the Anthony Gormley installation.  This time she has asked if we can just relax and maybe take Alice for a couple of long walks. Looking forward to it.

How has your August been?