Sunday, 16 August 2015

The Teenager's A Level results day, and a road trip to Sheffield

A Level results day came and went on Thursday last week, and after months of studying and revision, the Teenager finally got her results.  She did really well, but unfortunately missed out on her first choice of university.  She was pretty devastated to be honest, and it was hard to see her so upset.  All of her plans, her hopes and dreams, seemed to be shattered.  It was, in her words, the worst day ever.

But, after looking at her options and deciding to go through the clearing system (during which we were helped by tweets from unis with spaces on the subject she wanted to study) by the end of the day she had a choice of offers - and after much deliberation and discussion she finally chose Sheffield Hallam.  It's a good uni, and the course she will be taking has received an award for being one of the best in the country.  The only thing she wasn't sure about was Sheffield, as she'd never been, so we decided to go to the uni's Open Day yesterday, and have a good look around the city while we were there.

We were really impressed. After spending the day there, we got the feel for a lively and safe city, not too big to be overwhelming, and small enough to be friendly and everyone we met said it was a great place to be a student.

So I was pretty chuffed when at the end of the day she said it probably suited her better than her first choice, Leeds, and she couldn't wait to get started.  After all of the disappointment and upset on results day, it was a massive relief to hear that. It's funny how these things often turn out to be for the best isn't it?

The Teenager is very excited, and says she's not nervous at all, but then she's always been a very confident girl and loves a challenge. I suppose going to uni is the biggest one yet for her, but I expect her to face it the way she faces every challenge - with guts and determination.

At the moment we're all swept up in a wave of planning, list-writing and thinking ahead. There's a lot to organise before she goes (bank account, meningitis jab, student finance, etc.) and tomorrow we're making a trip to Ikea for the Big Shop of essential items, so it's going to be pretty hectic for the next few weeks.  By the way, did you know a fancy dress outfit was an essential item for freshers' week? No, neither did I.

I'm not sure how I feel about it all to be honest.  My focus has been on her, and how she has been feeling about such a big life change, so I was a little taken by surprise when someone asked how I felt about her flying the nest and I tried to answer but the words got stuck in my throat and I felt tears pricking my eyes. Thankfully I held it together - The Teenager would not have been impressed ("Don't be cheesy Mum!"). Perish the thought.

And it will be okay, although it'll be really weird without her at home. For one thing, who's going to make all the noise, and need lifts here, there and everywhere, and leave bags and shoes all over the house, and ask 'What's for tea?' Oh, hang on, I have another teenager to take over that role, panic over.