Sunday, 27 September 2015

A quiet weekend

We've spent this week readjusting to life without The Teenager.

She has been enjoying Freshers' Week and has got to know her flatmates and those in the flat next door. Both lots of flat mates have already become firm friends, and today she sent me photos of the huge roast dinner they cooked together, enough to feed all ten of them.  It's reassuring to know that she's happy, and that her flatmates are so friendly and they've all gelled so well.

This week she starts university 'proper' as the lectures and studying begins in earnest.

In the meantime, we've been finding life has been a bit odd without her, mainly because it's quieter and the house is tidier. Much tidier. There are no more late-night drives in my pyjamas to pick her up after her shifts at McDonalds, and the amount of laundry and dish washing has more than halved. I miss her.

On Saturday I managed to persuade Tall Daughter to visit a local vintage car event, although there were plenty of other things to do and see.  There was an old-fashioned charm to it all.  We've been in previous years, but I enjoyed it more this year.

I loved Mr Alexander's Travelling Show.  Mr Alexander was an older gentleman who said very little but held his audience of small children captivated with his variety show skills: juggling, sleight of hand magic tricks, unicycling and puppetry, while all the time a crackly gramophone played old-time music in the background.  Lovely.

Apart from that, it was a quiet weekend, although I'm sure it's not just me who seems to cram as many tasks into Sunday evening as possible. Why do we do that?

Did you have a good weekend?