Friday, 30 October 2015

Reasons to be cheerful this week #R2BC

I thought I'd join in with this week's Reasons to be Cheerful linky over on Becky's blog.  I've got three reasons this week:

1. Autumn leaves

Is it just my imagine or have the autumn leaves this year been particularly colourful and vibrant? The weather has been perfect for dog walkers: bright, sunny and not too hot - and is there anything more uplifting than a long walk when autumn is in full swing? I love this season, it's so beautiful.  
 Dog walks in the autumn

After months of recall training, Alice the greyhound has proved herself to be very good at responding to commands and as a result is able to spend a bit more time off-lead.  Greyhounds instinctively love to run and giving her the opportunity to do it for fun, rather than for so-called sport, is lovely. This week she's been having great fun chasing squirrels (she never catches them, they always run up a tree) and running through the woods. 

Morning walk through the village

I've also got a great view of the park from my bedroom window.  The tree with the golden leaves is actually in our garden, but the trees beyond are just over the fence in the park. I'll miss this view when we move house next year.

2. A leisurely lunch

We had the opportunity to have lunch at a restaurant which is new to us, the George and Dragon in Altrincham.  We like Altrincham, it's good for shopping and Tatton Park stately home and Dunham Massey park are always good for a visit.

I asked Tall Daughter if she'd like to invite her very nice but incredibly quiet boyfriend along to have lunch with us. I thought it might be easier to interrogate him chat over a relaxed lunch as he always seems very shy when he comes to the house,

It's a funny business, getting to know your daughters' boyfriends because one of the things you want your children to do is to choose someone who will treat them, and as a parent you really want to like them - I mean, how awkward would it be if you didn't? Fortunately for me both of my girls have made sound choices (so far) in the boyfriend department.

The lunch was delicious, there was plenty of choice - including several vegetarian options - and the food was freshly made and very tasty. Service was very good and we were made to feel welcome, and the quiet and relaxed atmosphere made it easier to get to know TD's boyfriend a bit better.  A very enjoyable lunch.

George and Dragon Altrincham

George and Dragon Altrincham

George and Dragon Altrincham

3. Time off 

Last week I made a last minute decision to take this week off work. I haven't worked in a school for two years now, and I miss having the half-terms off.  I don't really need them as much now as my daughters are old enough to look after themselves, but still, it's nice to occasionally plan some time off.

Of course, The Teenager is at uni so yesterday we made a little road trip to visit her.  Even though she's a very confident girl and was sure she wouldn't miss being at home she admitted that she had started to feel a bit homesick recently so a well-timed visit from us was a little boost for her, plus Tall Daughter hadn't been to Sheffield before and was keen to see where her sister was living now.

If the weather is good, the drive to Sheffield includes a very pleasant route through the Peak District - what a beautiful place, the scenery is just stunning.  Unfortunately, the weather wasn't great yesterday and we only saw a few glimpses of the spectacular views, hopefully Tall Daughter will see its real beauty another time. I'd love to spend some time there, maybe on a walking holiday.  It's on my list!

What have you been up to this week?  Have you been away this half-term, or are you spending time at home?