Monday, 2 November 2015

Making it my way: Giovanni Rana butter and sage sauce

Simply Italian Butter and Sage sauce

Well, it definitely feels like proper autumn now that our Indian summer is over and the chill has set in.  This is the time of year when we want comfort food, and I'm always on the look out for tasty filling meals that require minimum amount of faffing, so I was happy to take up the challenge from Giovanni Rana to make three different dishes with their new Butter and Sage sauce.

As you might expect, it's perfect as a pasta sauce, but the creamy sauce has a lovely sage flavour which goes particularly well with mushrooms, and as we are still not eating meat I thought we would see how versatile it could be.

Mushroom risotto

The first thing I tried was mushroom risotto. I love a risotto, it's probably my favourite TV dinner, and it's so easy to make.   I know some people are put off by the amount of stirring required, but I don't mind if the result is so tasty.  I'm afraid that in my haste to eat it this is the only photo I took of the risotto, and it looks a bit anaemic because it's before the pepper and cheese were added.  Sorry!

I added two big spoonfuls of the Butter and Sage sauce towards the end of cooking, around the time I would normally add butter to the pan to finish off the dish. It added a lovely creamy, subtle flavour to the risotto. 

Butter and sage sauce

Next day I decided to have an old favourite for lunch: mushrooms on toast. A variety of mushrooms gently fried for a few minutes then the butter and sage sauce added to make a creamy sauce, and poured over a big slice of toasted crusty bread.  SO good, and could it be any easier?

Mushrooms on toast with Giovanni Rana Butter and Sage sauce

We're eating a lot of fish at the moment, and the sauce was perfect with some smoked haddock we had the following night, I just warmed in the microwave for 30 seconds and poured it over the fish and veg. Sometimes fish dishes can be a bit dry, so this was a lovely way to enjoy it. I'd definitely have this again.

Smoked haddock with butter and sage sauce

So, three different ways to use the sauce and none of them using pasta.  We enjoyed all three meals, but the sauce lends itself very well to a variety of dishes, we'll definitely have it again.