Sunday, 6 December 2015

5 things you can do to save money without even noticing it

We're heading towards the most expensive time of year, so I'm pleased to share this post with you about saving money without even noticing.  I hope you find it useful!

5 ways to save money without even noticing

Since Christmas is coming and all the huge spendings are coming as well, we should sit down and discuss a few ways how you can prepare yourself for that. We all need to relax a little bit and just try to slow down our spendings. Therefore, today I am going to share five super great and almost invisible things you can do before Christmas to save some money for a perfect gift! So – here they are! Have fun!

Sleep well
Believe it or not, but if you sleep well, you will feel well and so you will keep yourself away from overspending. To be fair, getting a good night’s sleep might improve your decision making. And what depends on everything you do during your day – shopping included. Furthermore, if you sleep enough, you will improve your impulse control as well. So just by sleeping around seven hours per night might drastically improve not only your health but finances too.

Use coupons
This requires a little bit of your time and energy, but the results of couponing will be amazing. I bet that you get many coupons with your newspapers or magazines, so all you need to do is to cut them out and bring to a store. Moreover, searching for discounts online is not that hard either.

Eat breakfast
Another thing you can do and save money without noticing is eating breakfast! Many people skip this essential meal of the day for some reason, and they are making a huge mistake. Eating in the morning is not only good for your health (because the body absorbs all the nutrition better in the morning) but directly affects your mood and so – shopping habits as well. Hungry people are angrier and more impulsive, so by having good and big breakfast every morning you will do more good than harm for yourself. Furthermore, if you eat more in the morning, you will eat less during lunch or dinner. And so – won’t spend tons of money on groceries as well.

Drink water
Drinking water works on a few levels as well. First of all, by drinking a glass of room temperature still water in the morning help your body hydrate and also makes less space for food. So you won’t overeat and won’t overspend on grocery bills. So do that then you eat at home! While eating out, also remember this tip. In fact, alcohol and other beverages cost a few times more than table water. Also, these drinks make you feel even hungrier as well. By ordering water, you won’t only spend less in a restaurant, but also live healthier and eat less too.

Hang out with frugal friends

And finally, if you wish to save money for Christmas and just on an everyday basis, you should take a better look at people you hang out with. If your friends love to party and go out every weekend, you might naturally spend more money with them. While if you spend time with a group of people who prefer cheaper entertainment, you will save money. Your friends can be a huge influence on you, and we naturally take some habits from them as well. So if you want to save money, choose to hang out with people who have the same goals, and you won’t even notice that you are living frugally.