Sunday, 14 May 2017

Making slow progress in the garden

The curved border

Canes for the sweet peas

Sweet peas


Alice watching me in the garden

Making progress in the garden

Well, since my last post about the garden I've kept to my word and done 20-30 minutes gardening a day.  It's about the right amount of time to fit in with everything else, but still have an impact on the garden.

I've tided the curved border, and cleared out quite a few of the hellebores - they had taken over the whole border!  I've planted three lupins, plus some irises and a couple of other plants (the names of them escape me at the moment) but it's looking much better.  I also made a space to plant out the sweet peas and put some supporting canes in place.  I'm hoping we'll have a really good show of sweet peas this summer.

It's at times like this I miss my dad, who was a very good gardener.  He would have had a look around the garden and tell me what I should be doing,and give me some handy tips.  So I'm very excited that later this week I'm going to be talking to Katie Rushworth* who is one of the gardening experts on Love Your Garden (along with Alan Titchmarsh) and she's going to be giving me some much needed advice about my garden.  I can't wait!

What's the best gardening advice you've ever had?

Jean x 

*In collaboration with Tesco

Forgive the quality of the photos but they're from my phone, I still haven't bought a decent camera.  I have the money saved but can't bear to part with it!