Friday, 9 November 2012

Another Place

One of the advantages of blogging is that we develop a group of online friends and often those online friends become real life friends. This week I met an American blogger who was visiting the UK and came to Liverpool to meet me. Audi, from Fashion for Nerds, is a scientist from San Francisco and under normal circumstances our paths would never have crossed, but thanks to blogging they did, and meeting bloggers from different parts of the world is something that never fails to amaze me.

During her time in the North-west Audi was keen to see the eerie and beautiful art installation by Anthony Gormley.  Another Place consists of 100 life-size cast-iron figures set into the sand and looking out to sea. They're spread across beach covering a couple of miles and since their original installation they have weathered in different ways, adding an extra dimension to the experience.

So yesterday we headed off to Crosby Beach, taking Tessie with us and enjoyed a bracing walk across the seafront.