Friday, 14 June 2013

How to buy wine and save money with Tesco Wine Co-buys

Tesco wine co-buys

I don't drink beer or spirits but I do like a glass of wine.  I like two glasses even better, but although I'm not a big drinker I always enjoy choosing a bottle of wine for the weekend.

I always have an upper limit in mind for how much I want to spend on a bottle, so I was very interested to read about this idea from Tesco.  They've set up Tesco Wine Co-buys which is a new way of buying wine. The more people who buy together, the cheaper the price gets and - get this - whoever brings in the most people gets their wine for free. THAT'S FREE WINE! 

This little video explains the whole idea of co-buying:

Just remember that you have to sign-up for alerts, spread the word to friends to encourage more people to buy, and if you can't see any wines you like on the list you can always request a co-buy of your own choice. 

Now excuse me while I go and have a gander at the list of wines currently on offer...

Disclosure: I am a Tesco Wine Brands ambassador